Why Wardrobe Technology?

Why Wardrobe Technology, see that’s is a good question to ask your self. I assume, that since you are here, you have asked your self this question. Or, somehow you have landed on this article for some other reason. Let me resume, what this article is all about.

See, I have leased a wardrobe in my security company. It was a good deal, where I paid far more less than the income. Guess this is all about succesful leasing, right? The answer is yes! Where I reside (in Denmark), there’s quite much control with the security sector. All employees, not just guards, must pass a security check at the national police. So, we’re safe, when employees are checked by the national police? Not quite so. And I’ll explain why in a minute.

The loss because of cash

When I was running my leased wardrobe, I had a general distribution between cash money with 16-22% compared to the other fragment which was om credit cards (78-84%). This, in it self is not a strange. Where it becomes strange, is where when I had certain employees at work, then this idle status was suddenly changed to 3-7% on cash and rest on credit cards 93-97%.

There’s is a word for this, and that word is: Theft!

This happend even though we’ve paper sheets with start and ending number of the wardrobe tickets. This form of theft (or loss) is the most significant factor, and has the biggest impact on your income.

But it’s not all there is to it. There’s also the posibility, that your staff resell numbers over and over again. Yes, it means, when a customer returns his or hers ticket, that staff will simply take the number of the hanger. Keeping it, and when a new customer arrives, the customer will get that number. You can’t prevent it. It just happens. Well, I have good news for you; it won’t ever happen again. Why Wardrobe Technology? This is why.

Wardrobe Technolgy Cash

Why Wardrobe Technology?

Let’s summarize the problems:

  1. Staff performs theft
  2. Staff resell wardrobe tickets

Anything else? Yes, if you already have experience with running a wardrobe, you’ll know that customers are loosing their tickets as a product of drinking alcohol. This is a major issue between your staff and the customer. On one hand your staff will gladly help the unhappy client. On the other hand, handing out faulty values, can come back like a boomerang and hit you on your revenue. Or even become an insurance case. If you’re so lucky that your insurance company actually will insure you.

They won’t!

They will do, when running om Wardrobe Technology. And you will also never ever experience theft, reselling of numbers, faulty extradition, and yes, you can get your insurance company to ensure you.

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