Hisham S. Baig
Hisham S. BaigCEO
Hisham S. Baig are the managing director of Wardrobe Technology ApS. Hisham Baig is also responsible of the sales department.
Nikolaj F. Mackowski
Nikolaj F. MackowskiCOO
Nikolaj Florentz Mackowski are mainly responsible for product development, web content and after sales. Nikolaj are the COO of Wardrobe Technology ApS.
Nas Iqbal
Nas IqbalCIO
Nas Iqbal holds an ph.d. in computer science and he’s responsible of system development, project management and future updates.
Lorenzo Giansante
Lorenzo GiansanteCME (M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering)
Lorenzo Giansante is our mechanical tech guy who is responsible for all the mechanical engineering at Wardrobe Technology. He’s in charge of future development and keeps everything up to date.

4 very good reasons to use Wardrobe Technology

  • Never ever experience a customer who’s loosing valuables in your wardrobe

  • No need to worry about lost financial income – our system can’t be fooled by employees

  • Tired of accounting? Log into your admin panel and download transactions as PDF

  • Plain and transparent billing – several options available

Get a grip

You’ll need to be in control of your wardrobe. We know that you accept some disregulation. It should not be like this. Don’t accept anything else but flawless. This is why we provide you with a firm grip on your revenue. Via the Wardrobe Technology system.

Different pricing

We’ll give you several opportunities for payment for the system. Maybe you’ll like to pay for each and every single ticket that the system prints out. Or maybe you’ll like to pay a fixed fee based upon your total selling of tickets. Contact us to arrange a meeting.

You’ll never loose

With the Wardrobe Technology system you’ll never loose an earning again. Likewise, you’ll never have an unsatiesfied customer again. Why? No customer will ever experience faulty handout. Due to the fingerprint technology. You’ll love out system build for you.