The Wardrobe Technology System has been developed after the KISS-principles. Keep It Simple Stupid. The overall idea, is to make it as fast as possible for your staff to operate the system. Check-in and also the check-out process needs to be fast in order to serve as many customers as possible. Within a short period of time.

Wardrobe Technology User Interface
  • Ultra simple User Interface for your staff to work with

  • Customer places index finger on reader

  • Staff push on generate token

  • The system prints out token for hanger

  • Staff hangs hanger with customers item

The Wardrobe Technology system is super simple and easy to work with. Also, be aware, that the staff can’t print any tickets without a valid index finger. This means, that the staff can’t sell a ticket without a real customer.

Wardrobe Technology Check-out process
  • Ultra simple check-out process

  • Customer places index finger on reader

  • Staff push on “Scan Biometric”

  • System returns the unique customer/hanger number

  • Staff hands out customers item(s)

If the Wardrobe Technology system doesn’t recognize a finger print, an error message will occour. This means, that the system is bullet proof. No-one will ever pick up any items, that they’re not the rightfull owner of. Simple, and yet brilliant.

Wardrobe Technology Idle Screen
  • Simple build idle screen for easy access

  • Staff can choose between check-in, check-out, sync or reset token

  • Reset token starts a new line of unique numbers

  • Back button takes you back to last used mode

  • Sync button synchronizes with Wardrobe Technology server

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Would you like to have an presentation of the system at your etablishment? No problem.

Wardrobe Technology offers a wide range of payment options that suits you perfectly. You can pay by per sold ticket or a monthly fee based on your total transactions. Get in touch with us, and we'll arrange a meeting.