Wardrobe Technology story

The Wardrobe Technology story is actually quite ackward, but ackward in a good way. It all took place at my current office, when I was running a Copenhagen based security company in Brondby. I had a job search running and Hisham S. Baig applied for a job as a security officer in my company. I remember asking Hisham, what is your education level? He said, that he had an education within the marketing industry. I then asked him: Why would a person like you apply for at security job, when you have the education you have? He said: Look at me. I am a foreigner in this country. I also have a non-Danish name. It’s actually quite difficult to get a job when you are me.

Back then I have had this idea of the Wardrobe Technology App for about 6 months. I thought (and still do) it was such a good idea. I also remember thinking; this guy can do more. So I took the freedom to tell Hisham about the app. After 3 minutes he had very big eyes. Then he said: Look, I know a computer scientist. Let’s meet tomorrow at 5 pm at your office.

My last thought was: Yeah, right. Let’s see.

Dørmand til fester

The meeting with Hisham S. Baig and Nas Iqbal

Hisham and Nas arrived at my office at 5 pm the following day. Hisham introduced Nas Iqbal for me. And then I started my pitch of Nas. I took about 4 minutes to convince Nas, that the Wardrobe Technology app was a great idea. He said: Let’s do this. I have contacts who can actually start to code this app. This meeting took place back in February 2019. We have since then been working with the Wardrobe Technology until now. Well, as I am writing this, we’ve already launched the following versions of the app: 1.01, 1.02, 1.03 and 1.04.

Version 1.05 is in the cooking process and the most significant change is the use of a biometric scanning tool, that runs via Bluetooth. Version 1.04 is using a wired scanning application.

The Process from scratch to now

The process from scratch to now has been a long walk. We’ve held a lot of meetings, a lot of Skype meeting with our software engineers, a lot of headache, and a lot of both disagreements as well as agreements. The development of software is never a straight line, because during the development process, there will always popup new ideas and new perspectives to the product. It’s all about sticking to the original plan. Yes, of course we us agile development techniques, but still it’s not a straight line.

Nikolaj Mackowski


Would you like us to get in touch with you and hear more about the system?

It can be hard to see what our system really has to offer. That’s why we woud like to meet you for a cup of coffie. It’s free of charge (except for the coffie) and then you can lay your own hands on our system. The best way to learn, is to try it for your self. That’s not all. You can even book a free week of testing, no payment required at all.