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Digital Wardrobe

Digital Wardrobe: The New Era has begun What is a digital wardrobe? Well, for us here at Wardrobe Technology it's all about how you're running your wardrobe. Do you use old school wardrobe tickets? You know, the ones that are preprinted and comes as a roll with 500 on each? Well, if this what you do, you might want to continue reading this post. We have good news for you. That is, if you want to save money, time and get more out your employees time. But chance

Cloakroom System: This is Wardrobe Technology

Cloakroom System: This is Wardrobe Technology Ever wondered what a beautifully designed cloakroom system can do for your your business? First of all, let us have a look at traditional cloakroom. A traditional cloakroom system consists of cloakroom tickets that you'll use on hangers and on your guest valueables. This is how your staff determines who to hand out these valueables to. Yes, it's working allright, you might say. And, yes it is working, but it's surely not without pitfalls. What are these pitfalls? They are: Customers looses

Why Wardrobe Technology

Why Wardrobe Technology? Why Wardrobe Technology, see that's is a good question to ask your self. I assume, that since you are here, you have asked your self this question. Or, somehow you have landed on this article for some other reason. Let me resume, what this article is all about. See, I have leased a wardrobe in my security company. It was a good deal, where I paid far more less than the income. Guess this is all about succesful leasing, right? The answer is yes! Where

Get Wardrobe Technology System Here

Get Wardrobe Technology right here Get Wardrobe Technology right here: This is quite a statement, and I'm fully aware of that. My intention in this article is to show you, what the Wardrobe Technology system is all about. My hand on my heart; If you're running an old school wardrobe (or cloakroom) at your establishment, with old school wardrobe tickets, then I am perfectly sure that you already know where I am going. But, now, suppose you're new to running a wardrobe? Then you can continue on reading.

The story of Wardrobe Technology app

Wardrobe Technology story The Wardrobe Technology story is actually quite ackward, but ackward in a good way. It all took place at my current office, when I was running a Copenhagen based security company in Brondby. I had a job search running and Hisham S. Baig applied for a job as a security officer in my company. I remember asking Hisham, what is your education level? He said, that he had an education within the marketing industry. I then asked him: Why would a person like you apply