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Get Wardrobe Technology right here: This is quite a statement, and I’m fully aware of that. My intention in this article is to show you, what the Wardrobe Technology system is all about. My hand on my heart; If you’re running an old school wardrobe (or cloakroom) at your establishment, with old school wardrobe tickets, then I am perfectly sure that you already know where I am going. But, now, suppose you’re new to running a wardrobe? Then you can continue on reading. As well, as if you already are running a wardrobe now.

As I take you through The Wardrobe Technology system, I will also show you a video, where one of our customers running version 1.01 (latest stable version 1.04). I’ll both whow you the check-in process as well as the check-out process. Again, remember, the version I’ll show you is 1.01. Lots of water have been running underneath the bridge up to version 1.04.

The Wardrobe System Simplified

The Wardrobe System itself consists of a Samsung Tablet, a thermal printer from Zebra, a fingerprint scanner of American origin and a Wardrobe Technology Developed casing in bended 4 mm aluminium, which our very own mechanical engineer from Italy has designed. All of the components fits into the casing. This casing is honestly designed with Apple MacBook Pro in mind. The intention is to give that exclusive feel, that Apple products are well know of giving.

Now imagine this. A customer wants to place an item (jacket, bag or other) in your wardrobe facility. The next thing your staff will do is to ask the customer to place his/hers index finger on the reader. When placed, your staff will press the “Scan Biometric”. At this point your customer index finger are being scanned. When this is done, your staff press “Ok” button.

The first thing for your staff to observe, is how many items are to be handed in. Let’s say it’s a jacket and a bag. The wardrobe staff presses the green button “In”. Now, that staff need to push “jacket” one time and “bag” one time.

When this is done, the thermal printer will print out 2 labels for the hanger, each with the same number. Let’s say the number is 73. Now, a label is ready for the hanger and the other one for the bag.

Wardrobe Technology – So simple, and yet so powerful.

Wardrobe Technology System Highlights

Get Wardrobe Technology System if you:

1. Would like to experience error free handling

2. Wants a firm grip on your wardrobe revenue

3. Are tired of paperwork – Get transactions in PDF

4. Wants to eliminate faulty extraditions of valueables

5. Wants your wardrobe staff to work faster and more secure

The Wardrobe Technology System Check-out process

Now, that I have been taking your through the Check-in process, I think it is time to walk you through the reverse process. This is obviously called for the Check-out process. It’s even more simple than the check-in process due to only one or two tapping on the tablet. And of course scanning of the index finger to look up the assigned number to this specific finger.

Well, are you ready? Let’s have a sneak peak of the check-out process.

The Wardrobe Technology Check-out process

The check-out process is the reverse analogue check-in process

1. Staff press “Out” button

2. Staff press “Scan” button

3. Your customers number are now identified

4. Staff hands out item(s) assigned to this number

5. Done – next customer please


Get Wardrobe Technology System

So, already now you might consider get Wardrobe Technology system. The above shown system is as earlier mentioned version 1.0.1. We’ve been implementing a lot of new features, and bug fixing in the latest stable version. Version 1.0.5 is on already being baked in the oven as I am writing this article. We should be ready within a 2 weeks time from now. Plus, minus. Version 1.0.5 is coming in a beauty of a aluminium casing MacBook Pro style.

One thing is certain; You’ll need Wardrobe Technology system if you like the numbered points above. The last thing I’d like to say, is, that: Contact Wardrobe Technology and ask for a free demonstration at your bar, venue, hotel or where ever the system is needed.


Nikolaj Mackowski


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