Digital Wardrobe: The New Era has begun

What is a digital wardrobe? Well, for us here at Wardrobe Technology it’s all about how you’re running your wardrobe. Do you use old school wardrobe tickets? You know, the ones that are preprinted and comes as a roll with 500 on each? Well, if this what you do, you might want to continue reading this post. We have good news for you. That is, if you want to save money, time and get more out your employees time.

But chance is, you would like to right?

This is why it need to be digital

Running an wardrobe system has always been be relying on preprinted wardrobe tickets. But your customers hands in a jacket, a bag or umbrellas or almost everything. If it’s a bag or a jacket you’ll put a wardrobe ticket on the hanger and place it in at your wardrobe. And when a customer wants to have his og her belongings back, they hand in the ticket. Well, that is, if they still have it. If they don’t, your customers have to wait until your establistment closes down, or even wait until next coming business day.

Are you sure you want to expose your valued customers to this? Giving a bad service means, that your valued customer might not wants to come back. Keep in mind, that your customer used his or her money at your place.

Let’s give your customers a better experience, and you can do so with the use of Wardrobe Technology.

The scope of Wardrobe Technology

The scope of Wardrobe Technology is pretty clear. When you’re using our system to handle inlets and outlets at your wardrobe, you will never make any errors again. No customer will ever experience not to get out what he or she handed in. No delay. No problem. This is due to the fingerprint technology that we use. Actually, we think, that your customers deserves  better, and this you will get by using Wardrobe Technology at your cloakroom instantly.

How may we help you?

Finally, in case you’re in doubt or are unsure of what the Wardrobe Technology system has to offer you, you’re more than welcome to call Nikolaj at +45 60 18 02 62 or call Hisham at +45 27 52 18 15. We’re here to help and answer your questions. If you’re looking for wardrobe technology other than replacing wardrobe tickets with digital systems, you might want to vist Google. And make a more specified search.