Cloakroom System: This is Wardrobe Technology

Ever wondered what a beautifully designed cloakroom system can do for your your business? First of all, let us have a look at traditional cloakroom. A traditional cloakroom system consists of cloakroom tickets that you’ll use on hangers and on your guest valueables. This is how your staff determines who to hand out these valueables to. Yes, it’s working allright, you might say. And, yes it is working, but it’s surely not without pitfalls. What are these pitfalls? They are:

  1. Customers looses their cloakroom ticket
  2. Customers must wait until closing time to get their belongings
  3. Lost cloakroom tickets can result in faulty extraditions because someone else is using the ticket
  4. Staff can resell any used cloakroom ticket causing loss for your business
  5. Accounting must be done after each opening session

These 5 bullet points are the most significant problems that your are facing when running an old school cloakroom.

Problem 1 – resolved with Wardrobe Technology

Problem 1 is so common, that it almost hurts any owner of an dance hall, bar, hotel or venue. First of all a drunk customer has severe problems understanding why he or she can’t get their belongings back. Even without a cloakroom ticket. Sometimes the security staff must take over too. Bottom line is, that the customer now has a bad experience.

This problem 1 is solved with the cloakroom system from Wardrobe Technology. We use fingerprint technologies from the US. Your customers fingerprint is the cloakroom ticket.

Nikolaj Florentz Mackowski

The problem 2 (and 3) is also solved with Cloakroom System

The second problem is actually resolved with the fingerprint technology used by the Wardrobe Technology system. As no customer will ever have to wait till closing time ever again. Of course, that is only if the customer is loosing their index finger. However, if any customer is loosing their index finger, he or she have bigger concerns than getting valueables back as the first thing. May we recommend Emergency Room here? Don’t worry. The Wardrobe Technology system will save the fingerprint in up to 14 days.

Problem 4 – also solved with the Wardrobe Technology system

The problem 4 is more blured as you have no way of knowing the extent of how many cloakroom tickets are sold unregistered. Yes, you can have surveillance, but that means, that you will have to watch several hours of video, just to get a clue. That is time consuming and tidious. And you’re not getting any payment for your time here.

The cloakroom system from Wardrobe Technology eliminates this phenomenon. It’s not possible at all for your staff to circumvent the system. No one can sell an index finger more than one time.

The problem marked 5

The fifth problem in this article is so tidious. And not only that. It is also time consuming. Going through manual papers with start number and ending number. Extracting all kinds of numbers to make it all add up in the end. When you are using the cloakroom system by Wardrobe Technology, all you have to do is to login to your own admin portal, choose the desired date and Voila. Now you download all of the transactions in PDF format. The total sold cloakroom tickets is the total that should be available in cash and on credit card.

So, so simple!

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Written by: Nikolaj Mackowski


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