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Receptionsvagter fra Bluesecure Danmark

Full control

Get a firm grip on your wardrobe, your wardrobe staff and your customers values. Never experience a lost wardrobe ticket again. We use finger print technology.

For Bars, Venues and You

By replacing old school wardrobe tickets, you’ll get a tablet, fingerprint scanner, a thermal printer and a backend system for accounting purposes.

In safe hands

When you use the Wardrobe Technology system at your bar, your large scale venue, at hotels or where ever you like, we got you secured. No more revenue loss.

Safety is the core idea

We build our system with safety in mind. It means, that we guarantee you, that your staff will work faster and error free. No more wating in line for your customers.

You're in control

When you are running on our system, you will always have a full overview of transactions made in the wardrobe. You'll have your own backend system with real time update of transactions.

Stay in control

If you’re running a wardrobe with regular tickets, we know this: You have experienced loss of income due to errors made by your staff. Or by simply theft. This will never happen when you’re running on the Wardrobe Technology system.

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The Wardrobe Technology System

At Wardrobe Technology we’ve build a complete wardrobe management system. The core of the system is a fingerprint scanner who replaces the well known wardrobe ticket. It means that the fingerprint is now the wardrobe ticket and the key to your customers values at your wardrobe. The system is fully scaleable and handles from 1-1.000.000 check ins at the same time.

Wardrobe Technology Tablet Thermal Printer

Wardrobe Technology

ok-ikon100% Secure

ok-ikonGet more satiesfied customers

ok-ikonLightning fast compared to old school wardrobe tickets

ok-ikonSeveral payment options available

ok-ikonNO violation of GDPR-rules


Would you like us to get in touch with you and hear more about the system?

It can be hard to see what our system really has to offer. That’s why we woud like to meet you for a cup of coffie. It’s free of charge (except for the coffie) and then you can lay your own hands on our system. The best way to learn, is to try it for your self. That’s not all. You can even book a free week of testing, no payment required at all.